I’ve hired Kelly for numerous client projects and she’s been fantastic. Her graphics and layouts always provide that professional polish which delivers results. Kelly also designed and created my company website which has received over the years very positive feedback from my clients and associates. I’d recommend Kelly for any web design/GFX project.

Brent Stafford

I highly recommend Kelly to anyone looking for a great team member to lead the UI/UX design efforts on their project. She really brought a lot to the table and accomplished the near impossible by building an easy to use, elegant, and functional user interface on top of an extremely complex web application. Great designers are hard to find and Kelly will always be at the top of my list!

Brian Munter

Kelly is a very talented & creative individual – a very precise designer/developer. Her ideas and hard work come through in her designs. She is an awesome person. If I ever need any help with a problem or question, Kelly is always there to help me through it.

Lesley Bendicion