Kelly and I worked together on the UI design of test automation application. I found her designs to be very current, professional and on the money. She was a great person to work with, very helpful, passionate and genial. Was great to have her on the team.

Prashant Shanti Kumar

Kelly always has great ideas. She is very professional and reliable and I know if I give her a project it will be completed on time. She is a extreme asset.

Dawn Nickless

Kelly is a very talented graphic designer who approaches every project with a passion and desire to exceed expectations. She does more than just design. She considers the business factors behind every design project including who the target audience is, what the objectives are, and what the compelling offer is. I highly recommend Kelly Lerbekmo.

Susan Daly

The marketing collateral that I relied on was always completed in a timely fashion. Often rather than just completing the task, Kelly would offer suggestions to improve what we were trying to achieve, enhancing her value significantly in my eyes. Kelly is a cheerful, enthusiastic worker and I would not hesitate to hire her again. Kelly has my whole-hearted recommendation.

Kevin Binnie

Kelly is an extremely committed team member. She is completely dedicated to producing effective results. She has the unique ability to translate concepts into pictures that are easy to comprehend. Along with her strong technical attributes Kelly is also well respected by her co-workers.

Peter Callaghan

I had the pleasure of working with Kelly while she was a full time designer at Colligo, then on contract thereafter. She is a highly creative person with great ideas and a ton of experience. In addition, Kelly is an absolutely AWESOME visual artist and designer. Finally, she is just a pleasure to work with – a lot of fun, always upbeat. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Barry Jinks